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Removing of lime scale and corrosion products Written by Super User 647


  • Cleaning of thermo technical and thermo energetic equipment and installations

    NOVOMATIK HEM LTD is a leading domestic company in the field of chemical cleaning of thermo technical and thermo energetic equipment and installations.
    Independently or in cooperation with other leading domestic companies successfully have been implemented large projects in TENT, MB Kolubara, NIS but also for foreign companies RAFAKO and ENERGOTECHNIKA Energorozruch Poland, SIM Italy, CB & I Lummus USA.

    All cleaning operations are carried out in accordance with adopted national and international standards and recommendations,  based on   own experiences and developed technology.
    We have the equipment and technology to perform the following tasks:

    • Chemical  removing of lime scale and corrosion products
    • Removing of the smoke dust, soot and other products of combustion
    • Degreasing of dishes  and installations
    • Hydro mechanical  and mechanical   cleaning of the  pipes interior


    During the execution of the projects of replacement of the parts of a boiler pipe system, it is necessary to make chemical treatment of new pipes to get the following effects:

    1. Removal of dust, sand, foreign contaminants (electrodes, špon...) and present greases (grease from bending or protection of pipes) from the pipe inrterior.
    2. Removal of surface corrosion and cundera from welding.
    3. Passivation of cleaned surfaces

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  • Overhaul and the maintenance of cooling towers

    NOVOMATIK Hem produces parts for cooling towers and performs works on overhaul of cooling towers to a greater or lesser extent:

    • Complete overhaul of cooling towers including replacing or repairing all parts (panel, fillings, drops eliminators,   air distribution ,  spraying system )
    • Production and installation of PVC fill ( “honeycomb”)
    • Production  and installation of the drops eliminator  
    • Production  and installation of   spraying system
    • Replacement of a steel  spraying system by a plastic one
    • Production  and installation of the air distribution (  blinds)

    In cooperation with subcontractors can perform  servicing of fans and pumps.

    • Regular monthly maintenance
    • Repair of cooling towers