Novomatik Hem: Treatment of pipes and pipe circuits in the pre-assembly phase for the block 6 TENT A

June-Started treatment of  tubes and tube assemblies in  pre-assembly phase for Block  6 on TENT A. Supplier of the pipes VIA OCEL Belgrade. The treatment included:

  • Economizer
  • Superheater 1,
  • Superheater 2
  • Reheater 1
  • Reheater 2
  • Superheater 5
  • Superheater 4

The process included the mechanical cleaning and passivation of individual tubes and the complete process of  chemical cleaning of pipe assemblies on the ground before installation.

  • The total amount of 1200 t.
  • Deadline for the completion of works until November 2008.
  • Works carried out simultaneously in facilities of VIA OCEL in Belgrade and TENT A Obrenovac.