KARBOMIKS P (agent for cleaning carbonate lime scale and corrosion in stainless steel and aluminum installations)

KARBOMIKS P is an agent intended primarily for washing of stainless steel Installations from water lime scale and oxides of metals and can be applied on the steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

Agent for removal of carbonate lime scale and metal oxides

It is intended primarily for acid cleaning of plate heat stainless steel exchangers but can also be applied in objects and installations made of steel, copper, brass and aluminum.


KARBOMIKS P by its composition is a solution of inorganic and organic acids with added inhibitors and additives to improve wetting. It works strong on carbonate deposit and metal oxides and does not damage the basic material of specified materials. It is suitable for use in systems where it is operating both “on cold” or “on warm” except for systems with aluminum which is recommended only for “work on cold”. It is specially recommended for chemical cleaning of stainless steel plate heat exchangers   where it is not possible to use solutions containing hydrochloric acid. On steel surfaces leaves a protective passivation coating and it is not necessary to rinse after completed cleaning but can be used for passivation of steel in dry environment.


It is used to remove water lime scale and corrosive contaminants :

  • Plate , disassembled and soldered heat exchangers
  • Industrial cooling and heating installations
  • Pipe installations,

Do not apply in systems containing zinc elements.


Composition: Active components of inorganic and organic type,

APPEARANCE: Homogenous slightly yellow liquid

SMELL weak smell

Solubility in water: Miscible in all proportions

pH VALUE: 0.5

APPLICATION: The product is concentrated and can be applied in a dilution of 1: 3 or more depending on the dirt

TEMPERATURE APPLICATIONS agent is active at all temperatures


The agent is concentrated and ought to be mixed with water in a technical proportion 1 : 3 or more depending on the contamination of the system to be cleaned.

Make the necessary dilution of the solution, and then pour in the system and start heating .During reactions as a result appears   CO2 so providing of a venting system is necessary.

The appearance of bubbles is evidence of the existence of a decomposition reaction and their disappearance the signal   that decomposition reaction is at the end.

After completion of the process the solution ought to be discharged and the cleared area   rinsed to pH 7.If objects or insataltions are made of steel , rinsing is not necessary


It is recommended to store indoors at 10 ¸ 30 ° C. Freezing I reconstituting of the agent does not affect its continued application . The manufacturer guarantees the accuracy of the product within 12 months from the date of delivery.


Take all necessary precautions when handling the chemicals of the heavily concentrated acidic character. If matter gets into the eye, rinse with plenty of water and seek for medical advice. Prevent agent to enters the water systems. Might be discharged into the sewage system after neutralization.


Plastic packaging, net 25 /50 kg for larger systems on demand.