NOVOHIB 200 (designed to inhibit corrosion and lime scale and pH regulation in the boilers of low pressure and closed recirculation heating systems)


NOVOHIB 200 by its composition is one of the multicomponent inhibitors with components for elimination of the oxygen from the water, anticorrosion protection of structural materials that come into contact with water and is especially designed for systems containing steel, copper or their alloys. It also contains dispersing agents for preventing the formation of hard lime scale deposits-earth alkaline metals deposits on the surfaces of the heat exchange, and a strong base character of the inhibitor maintains the required pH in the system. Present components are in such mutual relation to each other to provide a synergistic effect.

The elimination of oxygen is ensured by the presence of catalyzed sulfites.

Active phosphate ion provides protection of metal surfaces that come into contact with water. The formulation out of which are received active phosphates is with the increased stability at high temperatures, which enables use in boilers and heating systems.

Polycarboxylic acids act as dispersants and in alkaline environment they react and bind Ca and Mg ions in water-soluble complexes and prevent eventual deposition of solid deposits.

The presence of K and Na hydroxide to maintain the pH in the needed area with a reduced proportion of NaOH to a minimum and the inhibitor, in the prescribed concentrations, can be used in the systems with the presence of aluminum.


It is used for anti corrosion protection and antiscaling of :

  • Warm and hot water boilers
  • Closed heating system,
  • Closed cooling systems,
  • Open cooling systems,


Composition: Active components of organic and inorganic type,

APPEARANCE: Homogenous light yellow to yellow liquid,

Solubility in water: Miscible in all proportions,

pH VALUE: 14.00

APPLICATION pH: 8.5 ¸ 10.5,

Density at 20 ° C: 1.32 ± 0.05 g / cm3

Sulfites> 5 g / 100g

P2O5> 6.5 g / 100g

KOH> 12.5 g / 100g

NaOH> 5 g / 100g


Inhibitor is dosed as supplied , continually by dosing pumps.

The choice of concentration in the system depends on the characteristics of the system pressure, water hardness, dissolved oxygen, the presence of deposits ... After snapshot of the system, the sampling and analysis of water, the study on the treatment of water in the present system ought to be prescribed .

During emergency discharge of the system and if the system needs to be dry for a while, it remains protected from oxygen corrosion for a period of minimum 10 days.


The product contains chemicals classified as hazardous materials, designed for professional users and for handling them it is mandatory to adhere the use instructions from safety data sheets and labels.

In the concentrations in which it is applied, it is not dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. It does not effect the chemical and biological processes of wastewater treatment. It does not favor microbiological growth neither within the boiler system nor in the effluent.


It is recommended to store indoors at 10 ¸ 30 ° C. Freezing and re-dissolution of the inhibitor does not affect its further implementation. The manufacturer guarantees the accuracy of the product within 12 months from the date of delivery.


Take all necessary precautions when handling strongly alkaline chemicals. Before use, examine the security certificate and a manual on the label.


Plastic packaging, net 50, 200, 1000 kg.