Atelier 212 in Belgrade

Works on the complete overhaul of the cooling tower  on the culture building Atelier 212 in Belgrade. The works include: replacement of the fill, drop eliminators, the wind distributor and the bearing elements and anti corrosion  protection of the construction  and all surfaces with coating a bath with polyester. A particular problem was  the location - located in a small space at the top of the "tower" and  also a problem was the reconciliation of worksw with  preparing for the premiere of the play: Carp Spawning.

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Company Grundfos in Indjija

In the company Grundfos in Indjija was performed the  successful disassembly and reassembly of the fill of the two cooling towers Baltimore TXV 441

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The Company GALENIKA

In the Company GALENIKA was carried  chemical washing of multiple objects:
Cooling towers EVAPCO 2 pcs
Chiller Condensers 2 pcs
Air cooler RHOSS 1 piece
Air cooler TRANE 6 pcs
Air cooler RC GROUP 1 piece

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SC DELTA CITY in Belgrade

At the facility SC DELTA CITY in Belgrade was performed a service of the cooling towers Baltimore VXI 215-3 and preparation for the cooling season. Distribution  for spraying was substantially plugged by deposit, there was lime scale on pipe bundle  , and in the bath the  large amount of sludge which all disrupt the efficient operation and reduced the capacity of the tower.

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PURATOS in Kragujevac

In the company PURATOS in Kragujevac was carried out  chemical cleaning and passivation of the steam boiler. Also , it was made washing of the plate heat exchangers and initiated the treatment of  water by corrosion and lime scale inhibitor and biocide Clorious2 guard.

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