Chemical cleaning

  1. ENERGOPROJEKT EQUIPMENT (chemical cleaning of a waste heat boiler –utilizator WHB Foster Wheeler in New melting plant MMB Bor)
  2. PAPER PRODUCTION FACTORY BELGRADE (chemical cleaning of a steam boiler Đuro Đaković 25 t / h)
  3. MB Kolubara LTDVreoci branch of processing (pickling steam boilers
    70 t / h, 2 pcs)
  4. VIA OCEL Belgrade-TENT BObrenovac (cleaning and conservation of MP pipes before installation to the boiler block 2 and block 1)
  5. VIA OCEL Belgrade-A TENTObrenovac (chemical cleaning of the pipes and pipe bundles Unit 6 before installation)
  6. ENERGOTECHNIKA-ENERGORZRUCH - RAFAKO POLAND(chemical cleaning of the evaporator boiler of 600 MW TENT B 1)
  7. Refinery Pancevo (chemical and hydro mechanical cleaning of air coolers; "chemical cleaning" of the steam boiler 60 t / h)
  8. CB & I - SIM and BMR (chemical cleaning and passivation of a pipe network of hydrogen compressors in the new plant of Oil Refinery Pancevo)
  9. Toplifikacija Lazarevac, remote heating system of the city of Lazarevac (Chemical cleaning of the plate and tubular heat exchangers).
  10. TPP Kostolac (Kostolac remote heating system, heat exchangers in TPP Kostolac)
  11. TPPKolubara Veliki Crljeni (Chemical cleaning of the water side of the turbine condensers)
  12. RAFAKO Poland (cleaning and conservation of a part of the piping system in TENT B)
  13. Tigar Tyres Pirot (Chemical cleaning of water installation , rollers, extruders, mixers)
  14. Cooper tire Krusevac (chemical cleaning of water installations, rollers, extruders, mixers)
  15. Knauf (chemical cleaning of the cooling system furnaces in Surdulica)
  16. USS Smederevo (cooling towers Baltimore, a system for cooling compressors, plate and panel heat exchangers)
  17. Niš District Heating Plant (remote heating system of the city of Nis ,Chemical cleaning of plate and tubular heat exchangers)
  18. PUC Čačak (heat exchangers, boilers)
  19. PUC G Milanovac (remote heating system, boilers, heat exchangers)
  20. Zastava Energetika Kragujevac (remoteheating system Kragujevac ,exchangers, compressor after coolers)
  21. National Bank of Serbia at Slavija facility (Chemical cleaning of a condenser , Carier chiller, overhaul and annual maintenance of Baltimore Tower)
  22. MMA Beograd (Chemical cleaning of a condenser Carier chiller)
  23. Radio Television of Serbia (Chemical cleaning of a condenser chiller overhaul of cooling towers)
  24. Hotel Slavija (Chemical cleaning of a condenser chiller, overhaul of cooling towers)
  25. Serbian Glass Factory Paracin ( compressors coolers , vacuum pumps)
  26. Carnex Vrbas
  27. Cutting Tool Factory (tempering furnaces cooling system)
  28. SUN Sombor JSC (evaporative condensers, steam boiler)
  29. DIAMOND Zrenjanin (degreasing of a hot water heating system for heating of a plant for production of margarine, hydrogen compressor, evaporative condensers)
  30. Milkop Raska (steam boiler, pasteurizators, duplifikatori)
  31. ZLATIĆ LTD Kraljevo
  32. IKG Guca (induction furnaces)
  33. Milan Blagojevic Lučani (extruder cooling system, LUVO turbine condenser)

Treatment of water by corrosion and scale inhibitors, and biocides

  1. TPP KolubaraVeliki Crljeni
  2. Serbian Glass Factory Paracin
  3. HOLCIM Popovac
  4. Diamond Zrenjanin
  5. Tetra Pak Gornji Milanovac

Overhaul of cooling towers

  1. NIS Oil Refinery Pancevo (replacement of a distributor of water in four sections of cooling towers)
  2. Serbian Glass Factory Paracin (complete overhaul of cooling towers TIM Laško, overhaul of fans and pumps)
  3. MB DI Lučani (complete overhaul of two Thermo freeze cooling towers)
  4. Crowne Plaza (fill replacement in two Baltimore cooling towers), a subcontractor of company Grappa
  5. RTS Beograd (replacement of cooling towers fill in the object in Abardareva street)
  6. National Bank of Serbia (repair of cooling towers on the building on Slavija)
  7. Hotel Slavija (overhaul of cooling towers on the building of a new hotel)

Regular monthly cooling system service

  1. Fiat Automobiles Serbia (service of the system of the twenty-Baltimore Towers) - the subcontractor of the company Grappa
  2. Serbian Glass Factory Paracin (service of the system of three Evapco, two Baltimore and one overhauled TIM Laško)
  3. Grundfos Indjija Serbia (service of a system with two Baltimore cooling towers)
  4. National Bank of Serbia (service of a system with three Baltimore towers)
  5. Crowne Plaza (service of a system with two Baltimore towers)