NOVOHIB 101 (intended for use in autoclaves)

NOVOHIB 101 is primarily intended for autoclaves in the food industry


NOVOHIB 101 by its composition is one   of the multi component inhibitors with components for preventing lime scale formation-deposit of earth alkaline metals as well as for anticorrosion protection of structural materials that come into contact with water. Present components are in a such mutual relationship that provide synergistic acting. Stable at high temperatures.


It is used for antiscaling and anticorrosion protection :

  • Closed autoclave water systems,
  • Closed cooling systems,
  • Systems for production of the " chilled" water,
  • Compressor stations cooling systems,

Especially recommended for use in systems containing steel, copper, zinc and their alloys.


Composition: Active components of organic and inorganic type,

APPEARANCE: Homogenous light yellow liquid,

Solubility in water: Miscible in all proportions,

pH value of 1% solution 3,3

Density at 20 ° C: 1.03 g / cm3,

Dry residue,% by weight of 11.50 g/cm3

Acid number, mg KOH / 1g 75.2


The inhibitor is dosed as delivered or in a familiar dilution.

If it is dosed in the circulation system may be dosed manually or via a dosing pump while maintaining a concentration of 300 to 500 g / m3 of added   water.

If it is dosed directly to the autoclave   manually, for each batch separately in a prescribed amount. It is necessary to maintain the concentration of 0.03% or 1 kg per 3200 kg of water.


Concentrations that are recommended are not toxic either for humans or livestock. It does not affect     chemical and biological processes of wastewater treatment. It does not favor microbiological growth neither within the system nor in the effluent.


It is recommended to store in a closed space at 5 ¸ 30 ° C. The manufacturer guarantees the accuracy of the product within 12 months from the date of delivery.


Take all necessary precautions when handling chemicals of poor acidic character. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, do not swallow and do not take into your mouth.